Beauty and the Beast - Bob & Carol, Vin & Cat - Top 5

Another great, solid outing for The CW's Beauty and the Beast, this week,  I would say. I really enjoyed this week's episode. There was action, adventure, lessons to be learned and new foes emerged. Heck, we even got an explosion. But of course there were a few things that left me with a squinty, questioning expression and softly whispering, 'Really? into the night. Hope this holds you over until Thursday!

The Highlights



5. My fandom's collided this week! Yeah, I'm a Royal (and Beasties and Royals should totally be a super fandom, BTW). Starting with this week's episode Alan van Sprang (Reign, Shadow Hunters) began his three episode guest star arc.

4. VinCat learned the importance of making time for each other.

3. A really great superhuman of the week case.

2. Heather is on the way to healing her broken heart (now if only Aaron Keller would just show up to sweep her off her feet).

1. Great soundtrack this week!

The Lowlights


5. While there was a great twist with the case of the week, I was disappointed with the route that was taken.

4. Very little Heather and Cat time (but what we got at the end of the episode almost made up for it, ALMOST) .

3. There is an unrealistic (but satisfying for me) resolution to a recurring character dilemma.

2. Tess' wardrobe is extremely underwhelming for the third week in a row.

1. Cat get's a chance to be sexy but instead she ends up looking like an 1880's schoolmarm in comparison to all the other ladies in the room (I know it's because she had a fight scene and was probably harnessed but still, KK is goregous. When is the last time we saw her really showing off the goods?)
 Well, those are a few things that I loved and a few things that ruffled my feathers. I really enjoyed the action and the case of the week. I'm glad someone remembered that audience needs a little sexy fun time with VinCat.

Please feel free to sound off in the comments about what you loved and what you loathed about this episode.

You know I love ya for reading...

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