A to Z Challenge 2015 - Day 22 - Valley Gril

V Is For Valley Girl

Preamble: Well, this movie right here is a cult classic, at least in my circle of friends I grew up with. Then again, we are So Cal ladies so, yeah. I actually lived in "The Valley", Tarzana to be exact when I got my first job in the entertainment industry. I like Nicholas Cage(sometimes ironically, sometimes not). Nicholas Cage in his younger days are just the best. To this day I find this movie hilarious and at times a little too on the nose. But I think it also started my theory that any movie character named Randy is going to be awesome (I might write about that some day on this blog, it's quite interesting).
Year: 1983

Rated: PG-13

Summary - Lovely teen Julie Richman is steeped in the excessive, pink-clad culture of the San Fernando Valley, complete with her narcissistic boyfriend, Tommy. At a party, however, Julie falls for an edgy Hollywood punk named Randy, and the two begin an unlikely romance. Torn between fitting in with her superficial friends and embracing a more non-conformist lifestyle, Julie ultimately has to decide to stay with Tommy or take a risk with Randy.

Director: Martha Coolidge

Written by: Wayne Crawford & Andrew Lane

  • Nicolas Cage
  • Deborah Foreman
  • Elizabeth Daily
  • Cameron Dye
  • Michelle Meyrink
  • Lee Purcell
  • Richard Sanders
  • Colleen Camp
  • Frederic Forrest

The Review
To me Valley Girl is this is the best of the 80's teen sex comedies but I will freely admit that is a back-handed compliment. This movie is loosely based on Romeo and Juliet which is another reason why I am partial to it. But more than it is a very authentic snapshot from a very specific time and place. But if you update the wardrobe and dialog, the story is pretty much timeless. The characters are accurate representatives of the era: the vapid mall chicks, pseudo punk rebels and preppy jocks are all represented here.

One of the best things about this movie is that it lets the kids to be smart, pensive, and self-reflective. Another thing that specifically appealed to me was that it didn't try to get laughs by insulting and embarrassing teenage girls. Probably because a woman directed it.

I don't know what else to say other than it is an unexpectedly good movie, so don't let the title stop you from checking out this early 80's treasure.

If you are interested in this movie then I highly suggest for you to track down the unedited version.
Grade: B+

Aces for Acting
  • Cameron Dye

  • Steve Richman

Favorite Character
  • Randy

Best Character Interactions
  • Julie and Randy

Best Scene
[behind the stage curtain at the Valley High junior prom]

Fred Bailey: Ahh! Stacey! Hey, man, check out Stacey!

Randy: I don't wanna see Stacey.

[peeks from behind the curtain in time to see Tommy kiss Julie on the dance floor]

Randy: Ugh! That's it! Man, I've had it with you, Bailey!

Fred Bailey: What? I didn't think her haircut was that bad.

Randy: What do you mean, her haircut? I just want to know what the rest of this grand plan of yours is.

Fred Bailey: No, man, this is it! Simplicity at its finest.

Randy: Simplicity at its finest. Well, at least you got us here. So let's...

Randy and Fred (in unison): ...crush that fly!

Notable Quotable
Randy: [to Julie after she dumps him] Well fuck you, for sure, like totally!

Most Memorable Moment

Fred Bailey: [warily surveying party food] What you got running here, a bait shop?

Suzi Brent: Like, it's sushi, don't you know?

[points at each platter as she identifies them]

Suzi Brent: Like, this here is tuna, that's flying fish egg, and that's sea urchin.

Randy: This is pistachio paste, isn't it?

[picks up a smear of wasabi with a chopstick and eats it; he then watches party guests enjoying the sushi]

Randy: Dig in, Fred.

Fred Bailey: [shudders] I think I'll go get something to drink.

Did I whet your appetite to watch Valley Girl for the first time or maybe just the first time in a long time?

Be sure to come back Monday because I'm discussing Wallstreet.

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