Spring 2015 Trends - Sporty Minimalism

I usually describe my style as So-Cal Super Cas(ual). It's a mix of surfer, skater and boho elements and the vibe is all about comfort and function. When my 9 to 5 life is done, I live for layered tanks and tees, hoodies or cardigans, colored skinny jeans or long flowing floral skirts, gym shoes or flip flops and fitted hats or skully hats (no matter how hot it is outside). Even though my style has evolved over the years there is still an element that has always been pretty much a constant, I always have chic sporty pieces even if it's not in style.

Luckily, fashion designers have decided that for Spring 2015, sporty is finally back in a very big way, although admittedly with a more subtle approach.

Anything that laces up, has a racing stripe, drawstrings or zipper pulls is a great way to jump in on this trend as well as wrist bands. Stella McCartney's Spring 2015 line-up was definitely one of the best showcases for this trend.

What are some of the Spring 2015 trends you've noticed? What Spring 2015 trends are you excited about?

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