A to Z Challenge 2015 - Theme Reveal

Last year, on my old blog I participated for the first time in the A to Z Challenge. I even completed it. I was very proud of myself. I earned myself some new followers, a few friends and scored tons of new "professional" writing opportunities. It was a blast and helped me get into a well established routine of writing blog posts as well as just making time for writing in general. Last year's theme was 'Firsts and Finales'. I wrote about some of my favorite pilot episodes and series finales.

This year, my theme is 'Movies Made Me This Way'. I will be writing about movies that I watched in my youth that made me fall in love with movies and really appreciate ALL of the artistry involved no matter how small (raise your hand if you were 8 years old and actually knew what a key grip was).

Be warned I have always had an affinity for horror, gore and dark comedy but there will undoubtedly be tons of Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar as well. My massive movie collection is very eclectic so I'm pretty sure there will be something for everyone.

If your A to Z Challenge has a cinematic theme as well be sure to let me know the name of your blog in the comments below and I will definitely check out your blog.

Ciao until April 1, 2015!

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