Throwback Thursday - What 2005 Sounded Like

Last night's soundtrack for Empire got me all nostalgic and stuff. They were literally playing the soundtrack to the end of my high school years and the beginning of my college career. So in honor of that, I'm going to take you on a musical journey back to the year 2005. Enjoy!

2005 Year End Top 40 Mix

Fun Fact #1 - 2005 was the year Rock made a big comeback. It was the year that 12 rock music albums scored number 1 in the USA. This was the first time even ten albums scored number 1 since 1996.

Fun Fact #2 - In most of Europe, copyright expired on a number of classic pop and rock-and-roll songs recorded in 1954 and earlier, including Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock", and "Only You" by The Platters.

2005 was THE year of Mariah Carey. Act like you didn't have The Emancipation of Mimi on repeat.

On June 14, 2005, The Backstreet Boys came back and released their fifth studio album Never Gone after a nearly 5-year hiatus.

2005 was an odd year for me musically, it's when I left mainstream hip-hop behind and opted for pop, dance and EDM. The rap game was changing for the worse and honestly, still hasn't recovered. The biggest highlight rap wise of 2005 was Kanye West's Gold Digger. The crunk and trap music movement filled the radio with style and bass but very little substance and started the endless 'in da club anthems' about 'bitches and bling'. Sad times.

So that's pretty much all I remember about 2005 musically. It was also the year that I got into World of Warcraft and Sims 2 hardcore (a phase that lasted 3 years) so I didn't have time for too many new things anyway.

But I also had an inkling that 2005 was going to be a shitty musical year for my taste palette because Paul McCartney was tapped to be the halftime entertainment for Superbowl XXXIX. Never going to be over it.

What are some of your fondest musical memories about the year 2005?

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